K-12 Education

Prathamgyan’s gamification and AI based reports enables teachers to deliver an engaging, fun filled learning experience whilst guiding students to choose the right academic/career path.

Higher Education

Prathamgyan provides tools to help increase student retention, increase in-class & off campus engagement whilst helping lecturers to keep academic content organised.

Training/Coaching Institutions

Prathamgyan is cloud hosted and SaaS based LMS enabling your field and remote learners to take, collaborate and track their course certifications anywhere and on any device.

Prathamgyan Demo

PRATHAMGYAN has created the key to bring a cloud-based learning platform to bear on the future of learning. The result is a dramatic impact on improving graduation rates, learning outcomes, and making the learning experience more personal and engaging. This is helping learners achieve their full potential throughout all stages of life. We refer to this as much more than an LMS, as our solution has evolved into an Integrated Learning Platform.

It is shifting learning from traditional print to digital, from rigid learning activities to adaptive and personal, and from face- to-face to online and blended learning that doesn't stop as a student leaves a classroom. It is a major transformation of learning to take it from one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-me – pervasive, perceptive, and personal.

All the features are designed for Blended Learning system hence learning can continue in and beyond the classroom.

Like to know how?

NEP 2020 Compliant LMS

NEP 2020 Compliant LMS


Then congrats, Prathamgyan is just the product for you!

Prathamgyan is comprehensive yet easy to use, operates on cloud storage so it can be accessed at all times, NEP compliant, provides resources like rich content, videos for each lesson, quizzes, games and exercises, all to make the students learning more experiential and to prepare them for the future.

As times change, so should we and Prathamgyan is definitely in the top tier for this. Prathamgyan empowers teachers with advanced monitoring and analytical reporting tools to align individual learning paths for each student and identify future talent potential.

We know that NEP aims for the universalization of education from pre-school to higher education. They focus on being inclusive to each and every student regarding their own passions and strengths.

Prathamgyan is NEP2020 compliant LMS. These are the key incorporated principles –


Equity & Inclusion

With Prathamgyan, teachers can track the students that attend classes, tests and group activity regularly without bias.

Competency based learning outcomes

Prathamgyan assignments, quizzes, case studies, modules, all have learning outcomes and competencies that are integrated as per NEP’s new assessment requirements.

Critical thinking & Creativity

Games and exercises are curated in such a way to allow the students to have an experiential learning which develops their critical and creative thinking.

Emphasize Conceptual Understanding

Prathamgyan provides quizzes, gamification activities like word search, drag and drop and other learning exercises that help in understanding key concepts and ideas whilst making learning fun.

Use of Technology

Prathamgyan is cloud hosted and SaaS based LMS which is fast, reliable, engaging, secure learning and teaching experience.

Community Participation

Prathamgyan ensures all stakeholders (students, teachers, management and parents) can participate collectively.

Continuous Review

With AI based analytical reports, teachers can analyse and review student academic progression periodically ensuring early intervention if needed.

With Prathamgyan, implementing NEP2020 has never been more effective and efficient.



Why Prathamgyan?

Why Prathamgyan?


Teachers can create and monitor unique learning paths for the students. Improves outcomes and is inclusive for all learners.


With Mobile – Saas based, you can access learning anywhere, anytime and on any device. Media-rich content experiences provided using audio & visual aids, e-books and flashcards.


Robust learning analytics that advances the learning process. We use gamification as a fun way to understand and apply concepts to real life applications.

Simply because we have everything you are looking for!

Prathamgyan has created the key to bring a cloud-based learning platform to bear on the future of blended learning. The result is a dramatic impact on improving graduation rates and student engagement. Learning outcomes and competencies are integrated in Prathamgyan making it NEP2020 compliant. Media-rich content and gamified activities will ensure a personal, engaging and fun teaching and learning experience. It is designed to provide students, teachers, management & administrators with a unified, robust, secure and integrated system to create learning environments as required by each stakeholder.

Prathamgyan's Implementation Process

Prathamgyan's Implementation Process

Understand your academic practices, business processes and develop key strategic and tactical plans to make the best use of Prathamgyan. Setting up the workflow as per these plans.


Reviewing the information and aligning your business processes to Prathamgyan. Aligning the workflow to gain maximum optimization with the assets provided.


Assigning cloud space, creating and white labelling your own branded URL. Setting up your Institution, content, user interface customization on your branded URL. You can now take a test drive.


Training the teachers, students and trainers followed by handover of the product to you. Customer support will be provided to you for any help or clarifications.




“ We have been using Prathamgyan for a long time now. It’s agile features, intuitive interface and 24/7 help support have empowered our teaching mechanism. It is beneficial for both teachers and students. In unprecedented times like Covid, Prathamgyan is a revolutionary online learning management system. ”

Mr. RaghuNandan

President & CEO
“ Prathamgyan has bridged the gap between teachers and students during the pandemic. We are using Prathamgyan LMS at our school and it has made education so simple and efficient. With a user-friendly interface, Prathamgyan has made education so simple while we are on an online platform. ”

Mr. Madhusudhan

“ With analytics and learner’s progress readily available on LMS, Prathamgyan has allowed our organization to fill in the gaps and focus more on student’s progress. The app has facilitated innovative teaching at our organization. ”

Mrs. Deepika C Murthy

“ Prathamgyan has really come to the rescue during the hard times of the pandemic. It is simply fast and efficient, teachers can build their own courses using content from different sources and students are just amazed by the media rich content provided. ”

Deepak Kumar

“ Such a comprehensive LMS yet so easy to use, even our kindergartners use it with such ease! Gamification tools have made the students enjoy learning, always excited to engage more in the class, teaching has never been so easy.”

Rahul Pandey

Head of Department
“ By using Prathamgyan we were able to overcome all the obstacles of offline teaching. Individual attention is given to all the students, and through analysis reports we track the progress of each student. Really convenient for both students and teachers. ”

Sanju Verma



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Mobile App

Mobile App

Download the Prathamgyan app now on your phone and experience learning at your fingertips!
Times have changed, no more carrying textbooks, assignments and assessments around, all you need is Prathamgyan to obtain complete content you need in just a single app! Access it securely anytime, anywhere and on any device.